Ground maintenance should be performed regularly

Do you know the difference between an average lawn and outstanding lawn? South Mountain  Lawn & Landscape offers traditional lawn mowing and edging service using the latest tools and techniques. We pay attention to every detail and give a personal touch to any piece of work we’re hired to perform. Not only will we take full care of you green exterior, but also provide you with free expertise on the grass seed and watering patterns that best fit your yard’s soil type and climate.

To help our customers set a mowing schedule, we mainly consider the grass type, time of year and rainfall. The grass height you prefer will, of course, factor in as well. For example, a lawn maintained at 3 inches should be mowed before it reaches 4.5 inches. The shorter you want to keep your lawn, the more frequent mowing it will require.

Becoming our recurrent customer will guarantee your landscape perfectly groomed throughout the year.

Whether you’re a residential or a commercial client, you’ve got access to the lawn care and landscaping knowledge and expertise that South Mountain Lawn & Landscape Service & Maintenance provides all of our customers.
We’re committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction.

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Some ground maintenance duties we perform are:

  • Mow, edge, and fertilize lawns

  • Weed and mulch landscapes

  • Trim hedges, shrubs, and small trees

  • Remove dead, damaged, or unwanted leaves or trees

  • Plant flowers, trees, and shrubs

  • Water lawns, landscapes, and gardens


Jamie was very easy to work with- he listens and with a few recommendations, gave us exactly what we needed to enhance our outdoor space. He and his crew finished on time and did a great job!

Allyson Alexander Legg

Great company. The people who run it are chill also.

Christian Woehrle

Jamie and his crew are simply THE BEST! They are very reasonable with pricing and do a professional job! Very responsive to questions and happy to help!

Bethani Rentzell Tayler